The Truth About CBD Oil and Other Cannabis Cures

Hamlin's_Wizard_OilWith 23 states currently supporting some form of legal Marijuana (with more on the way) and the Feds leaving state rights alone, Marijuana is in a unique place. Despite being a multibillion dollar industry, major corporations have been forced to sit on the sidelines (to avoid federal problems) while smaller businesses and entrepreneurs  have been able to take advantage of the semi-legal status of marijuana– largely without regulation of any kind.

As a result, the market has been flooded with numerous products and cures that claim to possess a wide array of medicinal properties. Unfortunately, unlike medicine that’s produced in a highly-regulated laboratory setting according to standardized “good laboratory practices” (GLP), most of these cures are being made in back-yards and garages with chemicals purchased at the hardware store by less-than-qualified “chemists” like Rick Simpson (except in Colorado where they’ve adopted some very smart regulations regarding the manufacture of concentrates). In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more common treatments available and consider their benefits from a scientific perspective.


This was perhaps the hottest growing MMJ product of 2014. It’s been known since the 1960’s that THC wasn’t the only active component in Marijuana and by the 90’s, doctors had discovered two separate cannabinoid receptors in the brain (usecbd-oild for a natural cannabinoid produced in our brains called anandamide) and had come to realize that these “complimentary” cannabinoids played an important part in Marijuana’s medicinal properties as THC. In 2007, an article published in The Journal of Chemistry and Biodiversity outlined the benefits of one in particular: Cannabidiol otherwise known as CBD. It appears to exhibit many of the desired medicinal properties found in marijuana without any psychedelic effects but unfortunately decades of selective breeding for THC have made CBD concentrations low in comparison to THC.

The most effective way to consume CBD is through concentrate… HOWEVER… There’s no feasible, practical way to separate CBD from THC so these oils are essentially regular extracts of “high CBD” strains of marijuana, some purporting to be as high as 17% CBD with little to no THC (<1%) (though such measurements are not particularly accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt). There has been some controversy with people selling hemp oil as a medicinal equivalent to CBD oil (since hemp is legal to ship anywhere in the US but CBD is not) but it’s well documented that hemp does not contain enough cannabinoids to have any beneficial effects.

Rick Simpson Oil

Allow me to preface with this: Never ingest Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). I had always heard mention of Rick Simpson Oil (it became popular after his documentary Run From The Cure gained traction in “alternative medicine” circles) but never understood exactly what it was until I visited Rick Simpson’s website today. Words cannot express the horror I felt as I read through the site with my hands on my head, occasionally letting out an audible “oh my god” as I studied his methodology and procedure.

The man is just plain uneducated and the product he’s been encouraging is downright dangerous for consumption. Where did Rick Simpson get his chemistry education? By inhaling too much aerosol while spraying adhesive on asbestos covered boiler pipes and falling backwards off a ladder. Let the stupidity of that sink in. The man should have won a Darwin award but amazingly he survived– though not without head trauma requiring medication. After years of taking said medication, Rick claims he was miraculously cured by ingesting a marijuana concentrate he created himself using paint thinner and that later, that the same oil would be used topically to cure Melanoma. Seriously. And people desperate or stupid enough to overlook both science and common sense bought in to it. But what makes RSO dangerous? Rick Simpson claims he uses “light aliphatic naptha” (aka petroleum ether) or “99% Isopropyl alcohol” and confidently states that “for a solvent to be effective, it should be 100% pure and 100% pure alcohol is hard to find.” Rick Simpson is an idiot.

1. Medicinal-grade petroleum ether for drug manufacture, which is really just a mixture of straight-chain alkanes (pentane, hexane, heptane, etc.), is nearly impossible to obtain if you’re not a legitimate laboratory doing 100% legal chemistry that would involve such a solvent. I know this because it was difficult to obtain solvents like this even while working for the chemistry department of a well-regarded state university, it is never sold with no questions asked. And by definition, petroleum ether is mixture of solvents. So much for needing the solvent to be “100% pure”

2. We know that in fact, what Rick thinks is “pure” petroleum ether (sold as paint thinner) is very likely adulterated with actually toxic, carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and toluene or in the best case scenario, contain some mixture of ligroins (heavier hydrocarbons like octane, decane… essentially gasoline) which would have too high a boiling point to effectively remove without the use of a vacuum pump. How do I know this? Because I’m an actual chemist and took all of 5 minutes to read the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) for all available Napthas/Petroleum Ethers/Benzines/ aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents available for purchase in any form. Nice going, Rick.

3. There’s no such thing as 100% alcohol, there will always be some water present because water and isopropyl form an azeotrope. Way to keep it scientific, Rick. Also, as anyone who’s ever tried quick was isoprpyl hash (QWISO) could tell you, it’s very unpleasant to smoke and the isopropyl would evaporate far below the temperatures required to carboxylate the concentrate for oral consumption though a quick hot bath could potentially yield an effective topical product– if such a thing even exists. That’s just from one paragraph from his page (I could go on), you really should read it if you get a chance. *Spolier alert* a 2×2 piece of wood and rice cooker are involved. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Real Medicine

When it comes to obtaining a concentrated dose of cannabinoids, there is no more proven method than directly smoking or vaporizing potent marijuana or for a stronger dose, BHO extract that has been vacuum purged. As I mentioned earlier, Colorado has adopted new regulations that require bho manufacturers to used closed loop systems and vacuum purging which not only reduce the chance of explosion; they make for better extracts with less than 30 part per million (ppm) of butane present (far, FAR below safe food levels approved by the FDA.

The reason butane is the solvent of choice is because of how easily it is removed from the final product. Any significant health benefits seen after the use of the above mentioned products is likely due to the amazing ability of the human body to regenerate itself… marijuana merely eases the discomfort of With no regulation, the marijuana industry is essentially the wild west of business. Be careful who you trust out there, it’s up to you not to ingest toxic chemicals. Remember… “When in doubt, smoke a joint”

28 thoughts on “The Truth About CBD Oil and Other Cannabis Cures

  1. Thanks so much for the informative article. What’s your take on the recipes for Canna butter and CBD. When I see baking temperatures over 350° in some recipes, Aren’t most of the beneficial compounds already vaporized? thanks for your response



  2. Hey, I have enjoyed several of your previous publications but was very surprised to find the profound lack of understanding displayed in the treatment of this topic. I do agree that Rick is hugely ignorant (he says many things that are socially irresponsible) and his methods are rudimentary at best, but to go on to say that eating cannabis oil with a bit of alcohol is a serious health threat would be the equivalent of saying that any alcohol based tincture will kill you. Alcohol extracted cannabis oil (you can even make it with vodka if you wish, and its perfectly safe!) has been made since the time of the Egyptians, at least. And Rick and other cancer patients are not smoking it. You can smoke joints till the cows come home its not going to affect the size of your tumor. Eating cannabis oil will. It wont cure your cancer, nothing will, but it does help and stabilize the condition and improves quality of life for those suffering from a multitude of illnesses so please consider revising this post because it is outright ignorant… it doesnt suit your organization, I can tell you guys are true heads…just not dispensary workers. i have been working the front lines for over 6 years and know first hand how much decarboxylated alcohol extracted cannabis oil helps cancer patients. The funniest part is where you say that some water will be left behind and then you proceed to indicate how this means that “purity” will never be achieved and how dangerous this is. Water will not kill anyone and neither will alcohol. If someone does not have any access to professionally made, lab standardized decarboxylated cannabis oil, you and anyone else who calls themselves a cannabis activist should support the choice to make these oils at home. Rick is trying to share what he knows because he has experienced what it is like to be dying and to be out of options. Multiple people that are close to me have been saved by this oil so I know that when you are up against the wall and have no options…well I can say that I have met more than one person that sill lives to this day because Rick posted what he did. It is full of inaccuracies but the man is no scholar and he is doing his best to help. Point is the oil helps and telling people that they should just stick to smoking joints is misleading to say the least.

    Oh yeah and one more thing: where did you read that hemp does not contain enough cannabinoids to be medicinal? Ever heard of hemp extract? I most certainly do not find this stance to be the consensus in the most recent literature. Make sure to look into isreali and european publications on the topic. We have been working with hemp extracts that contain less than 1% THC that are the end all to epilepsy medication. Eaten in the form of concentrated oil in several small doses throughout the day, we are seeing children who have had their lives given back to them. Please get educated on the edible concentrate topic and please do not blur the lines between that and the smoked (vaporized to be precise)concentrate scene, which you guys are obviously very knowledgeable about…but the two are not the same and you know nothing about what you speak of so be humble andyou guys should interview actual dispensary workers/owners so that you can avoid misleading sick people and looking bad. Sorry to harsh on your mellow guys, but I take this topic very seriously and I hope you can see that the only reason that I put the energy into writing this long winded message is that I appreciate what you do and would like to see you do it better…while at the same time I do not want someone to miss out on trying these wonderful medicines because of one ill informed article. Much love and respect, keep up the good work.

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    • Marijuana smoking causes inflammation and cell damage, and it has been associated with pre-cancerous changes in lung tissue. Since CBD oil is not combusted and is ingested orally in a there are no detrimental effects on the lungs in fact recent research suggests that CBD helps cancer cells adhere to and be broken down by LAK(lymphokine activated killer) cells.
      In general both CBD and CBC have shown promise in treating cancer

      Dosage will be on a case to case basis and is up to the patient and/or practioner involved. Here is a link that a may help:


      • CBD is great stuff, but to the cancer, you need THC. I’m currently taking Rick Simpson Oil. I made my with food grade alcohol. I’ve been ingesting over1000 mg a day for over 30 days. I do not experience any high. It is possible to make safe, effective, and cost effective RSO oil at home.

        As far as the author of this article… he would dsike a very good chemist, but he’s it meant, and only providing part is the story.

        Rick Simpson used another naphtha, and used it TOPICALLY for melanoma. He now recommends using a food grade alcohol like Everclear. High Potency, easy to make, and unlike the overpriced crap you find I most dispensaries, it’s cost effective if you’re on a budget.

        Simpsons record speaks for itself… 5000 cures is no accident.

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  3. ” I am here to express my profound warm gratitude to the Rick Simpson hemp oil, which i got from Dr Oscar. I am now leaving a healthy life since the past 1 Year i am now cancer free after the application and usage. You can contact for your medication from via Wish you all the best and a happy healing. Thanks and God Bless you for your help, i will keep on help you to fight cancer in the World.

    Johnson oleg


    • I have metastic cancer to lymph lung bone. Chemotherapy made it worse as it spread to bone and lungs after my 1st 6 month chemo session . My 2nd chemo session my tumor actually grew noticeably during chemo. No more chemo it’s not working. I have been taking the Rick Simpson cbd oil and a super cbd oil that has a higher cbd %. My question to you is what other lifestyle changes did your wife make I am fighting this and looking to people who have cured on their own.


  4. Sorry but…
    If someone says Butane is the best solvent he has no idea what he is talking about.
    Butane is not the future i´ts the supercritical CO2 Extraction.
    Ever thought about to have absolutely no solvent remaining in the product?
    30 ppm is 30 ppm too much for a medicine!
    Thats no fucking Hamburger thats medicine!
    And maybe it is better to use a solvent witch is not more dangerous than cannabis itself. How does this sound?
    Never ingest RSO, die from cancer that is better because of the world over poulation problem!
    And Rick Simpson is a Hero even he is no scientist he showed the people what really works and what is just shit.
    He has risked his freedom to say the Truth!
    He was standing up for something that no one has enough eggs for to say it…

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  5. Rick Simpson is an idiot? Really? The man is smart. Are you trying to cash in? Rick has successfully cured many people from cancer through his oil. Never understood why the big backlash against thc. People get addicted to opiates and alcohol and nicotine and you have these fools trashing thc . Thc cures cancer and causes cancer to go into a state of death. Rick Simpson oil has cured thousands of people. Some have testified before congress. Your mudslinging seems like your jealous because thc oil actually works.


  6. Your statement “There’s no feasible, practical way to separate CBD from THC” is WRONG. In fact THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBN (Cannabinol) are soluble in aqueous alkailine solutions, while CBD (Cannabidiol) is not.
    Q What is an aqueous alkine solution?
    A In this case it refers to a 5 to 10% solution of Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in water
    This information was derived from a vague reference in The Merck Index which states that CBD is “Practically insol in…10% NaOH.” and that CBN is “Sol in…aq alkine solutions.”
    The solubility of THC and CBN is undoubtedly due to a phenol structure within their molecules.

    This idea (purifying THC by extraction into an aqueous alkine solution, neutralisation of the solution with an acid, extraction of the separated THC via a hydrophobic solvent, finally followed by removal of the solvent) was also expanded upon and used to purify/separate THC in at least one successfully lodged US Patent.


  7. You call yourself a wise man. Dear … No, you are not. You say some very nasty things about the man who helped thousands of people from around the world to cure themselves of cancer and from all sorts of diseases. I and many other people like me make the oil-according to the instructions of Rick Simpson and everyone feels a lot better. the Cancer of my father disappeared three months of starting treatment. Sometimes you have to think before you talk rubbish from the mouth. The facts are that it’s healed and healing many people of cancer and other diseases. Good day, it’s time to wake up.


  8. I made rso oil for my mother when she was in ICU from massive seizures and doctors couldn’t stop them with all their medications( the cause of them really), she has had the oil for one month now and no seizures and she is almost back to normal. I know so much of what it does to the body in regards to the nervous system, people who don’t believe it can stick to the system of chemo and pharmaceuticals which we all know has a 6% success rate and lots of bad side effects. When presented with death, ill never understand why people would bash cannabis oil and refuse to try it. Sad


  9. Here’s probably a much more effective cancer remedy; carnosic acid. It’s derived from certain spice herbs, like rosemary, and it’s not illegal anywhere. It’s structure is actually very similar to THCA. Article pdf;


  10. This reads like some CIA sponsored disinformation or a University Chem Student that is too busying studying for class and doing dabs to educate themselves on the topic they are writing about. If I were you, I would be so embarrassed by this article I would delete my whole blog.


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  13. Naphtha is a carcinogen and is immediately dangerous to health at total 8 hour exposure levels of just 1000ppm (0.1%). Naphtha is not a single molecule (chemical), but an unstandardized mixture of different hydrocarbons, while Rick Simpson may have used “light” naphtha, it’s still naphtha, which is still less pure and more toxic than pretty much any other solvent used to extract cannabinoids. Butane is less poisonous than alcohol, and 30ppm of butane or even more is a whole hell of a lot safer than naphtha (a paint thinner). What, is making bubble/water hash any more difficult or time consuming than making RSO?


  14. rick simpson oil has been used years before he so called re-discovered it. it was mostly known as hash oil in the 60s-70s. and only God knows how many years it has been around. I have neuropity tru my whole body. I also have other medical issues. rso is very potent. it can be ingested with proper dosing. I don’t know how much you have read on this oil or if you just have some political adversion that you have downplayed this great medicine.


  15. I have three good friends who are medical doctors who all say that this article is bullshit. One of them is still alive because of RSO.


  16. before now, my son was the gratest part of my life, but now it’s so amazing that you are also a greater part of my life. I’m overwhelmed with joy and these days my colleagues have also noticed the recent happiness all over me. A million words is too small to express the how greatful I am to God for putting you in my life. I pray to him to also unite us as husband and wife, I’m willing to share my joy, happiness and future with you.


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