How To Make Perfect Cannabutter Every Time

It’s always disappointing when your edibles don’t work and regardless of where they came from, the problem is usually that THC was not infused properly. THC is a fat-soluble molecule meaning it can be dissolved into  butter to form weed butter or cannabutter but many of the popular methods circulating on the internet contain serious procedural flaws that yield disappointing and unreliable results (most of which have to do with temperature control).

With this one-pot method, you will be able to make perfect cannabutter every time– it’s low mess and we’ve got the science to support why this is the best method for making cannabutter. So without further adieu…

Step 1: Gather Materials

You’ll need:
1. Butter (for this tutorial we’ll use 1 stick aka 1/4 lb)
2. Marijuana, preferably mids or higher, an 1/8th per stick of butter (you can adjust this to taste… if I’m making smaller edibles like cookies I like to make them weaker so you can eat more without going full-space-cadet)
3. A pot
4. Water
5. A Grinder

Step 2: Boil The Water

Fill your pot about half full of water and bring it to a boil. While that’s heating up, grind up the weed to maximize the surface area that will come in contact with the butter (this will increase the efficiency of our extraction).

Step 3: The Extraction

This is where the magic happens! Once the water has reached a rolling boil, add your ground-up weed and butter and throw a lid on there (our pot above could use some more water). Water boils at 212°F and will not get much hotter (even with the lid on) and as it just so happens, this is an excellent temperature for extracting and decarboxylating THCA to its psychoactive form THC. Caution: Watch the heat level! Maintain a boil, but make sure that the heat is not so high that it will cause the water and ingredients to boil over. Below is a chart showing the rate of decarboxylation of THCA suspended in n-hexane with respect to time:

as you can see, too little heat leads to significant amounts of unactivated THC but too much heat for too much time causes a degradation to the overall THC content. Since a little decarboxylation will take place during the process of baking, the ideal cannabutter is not 100% decarboxylated.As both theoretical and experimental data suggests, it takes ~90 minutes to achieve optimal extraction and decarboxylation of the raw plant material.

Step 4: Be Cool, Baby!


Make sure the pot cools off before sticking it in the fridge where you keep your food

After you’ve boiled the water and butter and weed for 90 minutes, take it off the stove and let it cool off a bit before setting it in your fridge (you don’t want to heat your fridge up too much now!). You only have to leave it in for a few hours but I tend to leave it overnight. Some people prefer to pour the butter and water through a strainer or cheese-cloth into another container (to filter out some of the plant material)… but then this wouldn’t be a one-pot extraction would it? Besides, who needs another mess to clean up?

Step 5: Final Product

Once the pot is chilled you’ll now have a beautiful green disk of cannabutter floating on top of the water with most of the plant material sitting on the bottom of the pot. Carefully remove the disk with a knife by cutting around the edges until you can lift it out of the pot. Don’t worry if it breaks into the pieces, they’ll just float on top of the water so you can fish them out with a fork or spoon. You’ll probably have some plant material stuck to the underside of your cannabutter disk– I just lightly scrape this off with a knife. I don’t go crazy about getting every little speck out because its not noticeable in the final baked product and sometimes… I’ll just leave it leafy to add a hint of earthiness and weediness to chocolate edibles (seriously! It’s pretty subtle).

Step 6: Bake And Be Baked

That’s it! Substitute this cannabutter into your favorite recipes and see what you like! (pro tip: 1 stick of butter = 1/2 cup of shortening, make sure to mix everything really well or some bites will be stronger than others). Remember that internal baking temperatures are always much lower than what you set your oven at (cookies tend to reach internal temps of 200°F) so do not bake at a lower temperature in an attempt to avoid degrading the THC! If anything, baking at regular temperatures will help decarboxylate any remaining THCA into THC!

I hope this method serves you well! No more ruining crock pots or sitting over a hot pan of oil just to get sub-standard results… 90 minutes with the lid on and stick it in the fridge– you’re done!

18 thoughts on “How To Make Perfect Cannabutter Every Time

  1. I have always found that it is better to decarb your cannabis prior to mixing it with the butter. This is because the THC is ready to bond to fat instead of trying to do the decarbing and infusing at the same time. Also if you want a more poitent butter I suggest using coconut oil since it is 100% fat and butter is only 60% and THC bonds to fat making the higher the fat content the better.

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    • I’m not sure what you mean by dried vs raw material, since cannabis is always dried and cured to begin with, unless you are using buds fresh off they plant. Boiling to deoxycarb is not the best option, although it will partially work. As “fibromannmmj” said above, its better to use bud that is already deoxycarolated. There are various ways to do it, but I use an inexpensive toaster oven from the hardware store to do it. It has a temperature dial, which I set to about 225 degrees for 30-45 minutes. I use a cannabis to coconut oil ratio of 1:2, or two parts oil to one part cannabis. I do NOT use water, although I have in the past – there is no need to. I add a heaping tablespoon of sunflower lecithin, which helps emulsify the medicine, making it easier to absorb externally and internally. Coconut oil is a great extraction medium, because it has many healthful properties on its own, and the coconut-cannabis extract can be used topically, in the anus or vagina, in the mouth on or under the tongue, or ingested where it will have the sternest psychoactive effect, because THC is converted to Hydroxy-11 THC in the liver. That’s why many people who eat cannabis edibles regret having done so a few hours later when they get too medicated. Women can use it in their vaginas for various health problems, and either sex can use it anally. If you push it too far into the rectum though, it goes into an artery that dumps into the liver, hence Hyroxy-!1 THC will be produced, so if you want to get really stoned then push it way in! It can be used as a sexual lubricant too, of course. I use a double boiler, and make small batches at once – about seven grams of cannabis by weight to an 12 liquid ounces of coconut oil (a small jar). It’s a very easy process, especially for those of us who like to cook. After the deoxycarbed cannabis is simmered slowly in coconut oil mixture while being stirred for 30-45 minutes, most of the cannbis will be absorbed into the coconut oil – it probably happens faster than that, but I usually go about 30 minutes, as I do for the deoxycarbing the cannabis, so it’s a 60-90 minute process. Before the coconut-cannabis mixture has totally cooled and solidified, strain it into tinted jars, or back into the coconut oil jar if you have nothing else, but keep it out of the light. It’s VERY potent though – filling one 00 cap is enough for starters, so beware and take care!! Cannabis is the best medicine in the world, but you CAN overdose. Doggies especially are sensitive to THC, because they have more CB1 and CB2 receptors, so be especially careful if you are treating your dog. I cured my dogs mammary gland lymphoma by running coconut-cannabis salve into her effected #1 right tit, and then she licks it off, getting medicated both locally and systemically. I had to use high CBD strains though, because the high-THC strains overdosed her too easily, and that is not fun for the dog or their concerned owner. She wags her tail when its medication time, which it is every night now. She eats better, sleeps better, doesn’t groan as much, and seems happier. Cannabis works for animals too, but be careful not to overdose them, and always use high-CBD strains. The best website on using medicinal cannabis I’ve found is “” – Dr. Sulak is wonderful….!



  3. So, I’m torn between using this method and and decarbing BEFORE infusion with the butter instead of during. I’d love to know Why this step is better? or the same? I’m all about skipping an unnecessary step.
    What I have been doing is decarbing in water for about 15 mins or so at 212 F THEN simmering with butter… Does anyone have any insight?


  4. I followed these instructions exactly and ended up with the pot catching on fire after about 30 minutes (and activating my sprinklers which totally flooded my apartment). PLEASE add something to this post telling people to turn the fire down after putting the lid on the pot while at a “rolling” boil.


  5. If you totally decarb your THC-A to just THC you will be losing the medical benefits of the THC-A. The major benefit from THC-A is it is the anti-cancer part of the mmj plant.
    And since heat turns THC-A into THC….why would you want to double decarb your THC?? Wouldn’t that cause the THC to burn off the second time around when you are actually making and baking your edibles?


  6. I tried this yesterday and left the pot in the fridge overnight to find this morning that it didn’t separate completely. There isn’t a green disk floating on top. There is a bit of barely solidified butter but it is mostly mixed with the water. Anyway to separate them now? I threw in a fourth. :/


  7. Made this as precise as I ever could have to your exact specifications.

    If it gets me baked as f I’ll be super stoked cause I found this method to be extremely easy.

    Thx 100%


  8. This worked great! Used a Betty crocker mix, 1 gm of lemon drop Kush. I followed the cannabutter directions no major issues.
    One observation:
    I used a small saucepan. Needed to use a medium sized saucepan because I had to turn it off with 20 min still on the timer because of water evaporation. Didn’t get the full 90 minutes recommend.
    Other than that, I had no issues. I did “cheat” a little because I strained it through cheesecloth. I still had a few bits but it adds a bit of organic texture. I followed the box directions for the brownies used an electric mixer and rubber spatula (waste not, want not) and poured it into a 13×9 pan and baked it off.
    The finished product has a very slight earthiness but they’re great! I smoke (about a gm a week) and I reach cruising altitude on average within 30-45 min. My flight time has been about 4-6 hours.
    I made these more for my wife who has an immune disorder and asthma and, as a result, can’t smoke. She reported feeling effects (relaxation, pain relief) between 30-60 min and lasting about the same amount of time as me.


  9. It does look nasty but it’s amazing! I’ve since made another batch for topical administration for pain. What I did differently follows:
    -used Afghan Kush
    -decarbed in 250° oven for 30 min prior to infusion process
    -made the batch double sized, split the finished batch in half
    -used half in a small Mason jar and froze it for later use.
    -Split remaining half and baked brownies using one quarter
    -added lavender and peppermint essential oils to what was left and poured it into another small Mason jar for use as a topical analgesic.

    My wife reports results from edibles is about the same (maybe slightly stronger as it is a slightly more potent strain and I used a “dash” more than before. As for the topical application, it is amazing! She has an autoimmune deficiency and gets infusion therapy monthly that often leaves her in a lot of pain from body and joint pain as well as severe migraines. When I massage in this magic mixture she gets beautiful relief and can actually relax and sleep soundly.
    Eff the pharmaceutical companies and all the BS that they peddle.


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