What is Reclaim? And Why Should it Be Part of Your Dabbing Experience?


What is reclaim? It’s best to start at the beginning. Almost every consistent smoker has had a day when, for whatever reason, we simply run out of weed and can’t get anymore. On these days, the bottom of the barrel comes to light. After smoking weed from a pipe or bong for a while, resin builds up. It’s in one of these utterly desperate moments that we may decide to start scraping the resin out of the pipe or bong so that we can smoke it and have a high that doesn’t exactly taste good but still does the job. Aside from that haunting flavor, the resin from flower does the job in a crunch but, at the end of the day, it has a way lower THC content and it’s definitely not healthy. It’s mostly made up of tar which is really not the ideal thing to smoke.

Researching the Composition of Reclaim


It may not be much to look at but you still don’t want to waste the reclaim from your dabs.

With dabs though, rather than consuming flower, we are consuming oils which means that the residual material doesn’t contain tar. This brings us back to the original question: What is reclaim? As you can probably already guess, reclaim is the residual substance leftover from dabbing. Over time, you usually start to see a buildup of oily globs sitting in the water of your rig. This residual matter is known as reclaim and the oily substance can be collected over time and re-smoked. It’s a substance that has been tested for cannabinoids and studies conducted by Scott Churchill, the Director of Methodology at MCR Labs, found that reclaim did in fact contain all 5 cannabinoids that are present in marijuana and that each of these cannabinoids was active. It was especially high in CBN, which is a mild psychoactive compound found in marijuana that produces a sense of heaviness and drowsiness.

Are You Collecting Your Reclaim?

The best, highest quality reclaim oil tested by Churchill was the kind that collected in the rigs and dropdown. You can collect that oil over time and create your own batch of reclaim for those rainy days when things get desperate. Just make sure you are collecting the orange, brown residue and that you are storing it in the best possible way. A silicon puck is recommended for this. Dabbing the reclaim is so close to being as good as dabbing concentrate that not collecting it for future use is actually a major waste of a perfectly good resource.

What is Reclaim Like When Eaten?

Dabbing isn’t the only way to consume the reclaim either. You can also eat it although if you choose to consume it as food, be very moderate with the dose. Likewise you can choose to add it to hot chocolate, alcoholic cocktails, spread it on toast or add it to any other recipe so long as, once again, you consume it with great care and moderation. Start with a tiny amount. Test your product and build up slowly if necessary. You can also use the reclaim to make a pill or tincture or even use it as an oil and rub it on your skin. You can even spread a little on a pre-rolled cigarette. There are dozens of ways to consume the reclaim and of course dabbing is most definitely one of them.

The Healthiness of Ingesting Reclaim


There are a variety of ways to ingest reclaim from your extracts.

So we’ve discussed the nature of reclaim. Now we need to know what is reclaim consumption like as far as our health is concerned. Is it perfectly healthy to ingest this leftover substance? The truth is, this is really dependent on whether your dabs were of a high quality to begin with. Some concentrates are made using BHO which means they are filled with butane gas. As you can probably imagine, the leftovers from these kinds of dabs are not going to be the greatest quality. The best kind of dabs, in particular for the best quality reclaim, are the C2O kind and solventless dabs. These will give you the healthiest, purest reclaim and, of course, when you’re dabbing you want the best quality. Therefore, concentrates of this variety are a better pick anyway.

The Best Way to Collect Your Reclaim

So now that we know what reclaim is and what kind of dabs are the best kind for creating it, it’s time to discover the best way of collecting your material. The oily goo in the rig needs to get out somehow and be separated from the water and scraped off the sides of your rig. So what’s the best way to do this? There are a couple of techniques you can try but alcohol tends to offer the easiest option. The first thing to do is get a high proof alcohol, like Everclear. Regular liquors won’t be strong enough so be sure to use the high proof variety. Pour the alcohol into the rig and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. If you have a lot of buildup, let it sit for a longer period. Now cover all the open holes and shake the alcohol through your rig. Keep shaking until you’ve managed to get all the residue off the rig and into the alcohol. Now pour this solution into a glass dish or into a Pyrex container and cover it with aluminum foil. Allow the mixture to sit for a couple of days until the alcohol has completely evaporated and then scrape up the remains and store them in a safe container.

As you can see, there’s a goldmine being left in your rig, usable in a dozen different ways, including dabbing. Just be sure to use the highest quality solventless dabs and then collect the goods. Be aware that it won’t be the greatest flavor but it also won’t be utterly terrible. Also the quality of the high will be slightly different due to the reclaim being higher in CBN, which will most likely make you a little more sleepy. Having said that, reclaim still contains THC, the other uplifting psychoactive ingredient in marijuana as well as all the other compounds that are generally found in marijuana so it will still give you a great high. The best idea is start collecting your reclaim and explore the variety of ways you can make this orange-ish brown sticky goo work for you.


How to Safely Extract Concentrates Using the Rosin Tech


Dabbing or smoking concentrates has become a popular thing in recent years. Marijuana concentrates allow you to get a fast and powerful high by using heat to extract the terpene and cannabinoid-rich resins from a marijuana flower. The methods for extracting concentrate from flowers can often be pretty volatile. Butane gas has been used as a way of extracting concentrates until recently when newer options have changed the whole game. This is good news for the many people out there who love dabbing and enjoy the intensity of the high attained from using concentrates. You’ll often hear this method referred to as the rosin tech.

The Rosin Tech Skips the Butane Altogether


Butane systems of extraction have inherent dangers that the rosin tech avoids. 

The rosin tech (short for the rosin technique) is the name of a new process for extracting concentrates from weed as opposed to the old BHO extract methods. If done correctly, the rosin tech produces extracts almost identical in aroma and taste as those produced using BHO but offers a much safer and healthier option. As the country has become more health conscious, dispensaries have also begun stocking rosin as an alternative to BHO. The rosin tech gives you a solvent free option as a concentrate. It’s an extremely easy process to execute yourself at home and you’ll probably find that you already have everything necessary lying around the house.

How to Make Your Own Rosin

For small time use as opposed to commercial use, all you need is a hair straightener, parchment paper, an oven mitt, a knife and some weed, of course. All you need to do is:

  1. Heat up the straightener.
  2. Place the marijuana in the parchment paper.
  3. Wearing the oven mitt, press down hard on the straightener, closing it over the bud.
  4. Continue to press the straightener closed over the marijuana until you hear a sizzle or see smoke. This should take about three seconds. You can do this two or three more times, to make sure you’ve extracted all the concentrate.
  5. Once this is done you can remove the paper and open it up. You will see the rosin concentrate on the paper.
  6. Take the knife and scoop up and store the newly acquired rosin concentrate.

The rosin tech is fast and safe and gives you solventless concentrate!

The Teabag Method


The rosin tech produces terpene rich concentrates free from solvents. 

Another little trick for making the rosin tech work for you is putting the marijuana in an empty tea bag before putting it between the parchment paper. Doing this allows you to collect the rosin with ease since it passes through the teabag filter while all the residual plant material stays trapped inside the teabag. Empty teabags can be bought in all sizes so you can customize for the size you need, keeping in mind the size of your straightener or whatever rosin tech device you are using. Using heat resistant gloves may also be an easier option for you than an oven mitt, for the sake of comfort and more control when handling the rosin.

Using a Rosin Press

If you don’t want to use your hair straightener for the job and you’re willing to shell out for an actual official rosin tech press, a whole host of them have become available on the market. At this stage, they could be considered a lot pricier than just using a hair straightener but as the popularity of the rosin tech grows, the price could go down in time.

Choosing the Size of Your Press


You can find rosin presses in a variety of sizes and styles. 

The smallest rosin press looks a little like a flat waffle iron. They’re ideal for beginners who want a straightforward, foolproof way of creating high quality concentrates in the comfort of their own homes. It consists of two hot plates with a hinge. That’s about it! All you need to do is just put your pot in there and press. This is a simple device that helps you extract your concentrate with little to no drama. The convenience will cost about $300.

There are medium rosin presses available too for those who are interested in making higher quantities of rosin. These rosin tech machines usually have a 5” x 5” inch hot plate and, as an added bonus, these often have a mechanical press or a lever system that will help to really squeeze all the rosin out of your marijuana. This type of larger, more professional press can be found for approximately $500.

Commercial Level Presses

For people really looking to get serious about rosin tech, possibly even making a living out of it, the larger press is probably for you. These are a lot larger, allowing you to make much more rosin in the same time as the smaller presses. The hot plates for this larger press are usually 20” x 20” large and, on top of this, they usually have some kind of hydraulic pressure system to help you press the rosin cleanly from your buds with ease, making sure to extract every last possible drop of rosin. This kind of machine costs somewhere around $5000 and is definitely for those out there who are going to need to produce high quantities of rosin, quickly and cleanly.

Deciding if a Press is Right for You

While it is more than possible to avoid these costly machines and just use your hair straightener to produce your rosin and get a great product, rosin presses are specifically designed to give you a great product, using the right temperature and pressure necessary to get the best possible quality rosin. They ensure that terpenes are not sacrificed in the heating process, giving you a better quality rosin. That’s what you’re paying for when you dish out the cash and go that extra mile. That’s not to say you can’t produce your own home variety version of high quality stuff but it’s good to know all the options before making a choice with how to proceed.

Beyond all of this, going through all the trouble of home brewing your own concentrates just may be too much trouble and too high a commitment for you. In this circumstance, there’s always the option of going to your local dispensary and picking up the perfect rosin. Either way, the rosin tech has opened up an option of getting a solvent free, healthier, safer concentrate that is almost identical to BHO extracts and gives you the same intense high.