THC Dosage for Concentrates Can Be Sticky Business


Dabbing is still such a new phenomenon that dosing can be quite a mystery. While generally speaking, people are told to start with the smallest possible dose, it’s hard to know exactly what that means. Most hash oils come in half gram portions but there’s still no tool to measure a dabbing dose. As consuming concentrates is already an intense experience that produces a powerful high, you don’t want that THC dosage to be any higher than necessary. There are steps you can take as a first timer to ensure that you stay within the limits of what will work best for you.

Read the Label


THC dosage labels are an easy means of figuring the strength of a specific concentrate. 

It may seem obvious but the first step is to read the label carefully. Most concentrate packaging makes an attempt to indicate how strong it is as well as give you a bit of a profile of your concentrate. There is usually information about THC content either in percentages or in milligrams. Sometimes they will also give you a terpenoid profile that allows you to get even more of an understanding of what flavor and effects your concentrate will have. The ratio of THCA to THC is usually given as well so that you can estimate the best THC dosage for you.


Estimating Cannabinoid Percentages

Most solvent based hash oils have between 60-90 percent cannabinoids with very few going higher than 90 percent although some solventless concentrates can have less than 50 percent. So what do these percentages mean? If your concentrate says it contains 60 percent, that means for every one gram it contains 600mg. If it says it contains 90 percent, that means every one gram it contains 900mg. It’s good to keep in mind that when consuming edibles, beginners are recommended to start with anything between 5-10 percent. Based on that, it’s important to start with the lowest dose possible.

Selecting the Right Dab Tool

finding the write dab tool essential to accurate thc dosage portioning

The right dab tool will make portioning concentrates easier.

The next thing you need to think about is what tool you will use for portioning your dose. There is absolutely no rule for this. There are an endless amount of dabber tools that exist in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The only thing that matters is how easy it is for you to use. A pointed dabber might be hard to use for portioning and a scooper doesn’t work very well with trying to break apart shatter. Generally speaking, dabbers with broader tips are the most versatile. These can generally handle concentrates in all kinds of consistency and give you more control.

Portioning Your Concentrates

Estimating what portion to start with is more a matter of math than anything else. If your concentrate contains 60 percent cannabinoid content, that means it contains 600mg in every gram. So if you take one gram and split it into six portions, then you know you’ll be consuming 100mg in each dosage. If you split it into twelve portions then you know you’d be consuming 50mg in every dose. The ease in which this is done depends on the consistency of your concentrate. If you need to divide a shatter, then heating your dabbing tool is all that’s necessary for splitting it up with ease.

Ways Around Portioning

Portioning can be a bit of a tricky process and you may not want to deal with the math, the mess or divisions. If this is the case for you there are other options. Vaporizer cartridges are already divided and measured for you. These give you an easy delivery method for knowing exactly what you’re getting. Free form hash oil cartridges give you more control and reduce the likelihood of having too much. They come in single hit options and they often give you a clear indication of how many hits each cartridge provides. This makes the process of getting the right THC dosage a no-brainer.

The Importance of an Accurate THC Dosage

when handling shatter accurate thc dosage is important

Accurate THC dosage is integral to patients. 

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that may cause you to have a nightmarish experience if you have too much but it’s also the compound that will make you feel high in the first place. Since it’s the ingredient that will make you laugh, feel creative and euphoric, being sure to have a decent THC dosage is important but having too much will make you so high that anxiety, paranoia and other nasty effects can result. This makes checking the labels and dosage of your hit an important affair. You want the best experience and there is no rule for what dosage is best for everyone.

Staying Aware of Your Personal Chemistry

People’s bodies are different and as a result a THC dosage will affect everyone in a different way. A 25mg hit may feel very different based on your personality, psychology and body type. For this reason, it’s very important to start with a smaller dose. In fact, the smaller the dosage the better. You can always work up to a comfortable amount but you can’t work down once you’ve consumed too much. You will never be disappointed by consuming less as you can always have more. At that point, you can experiment to discover what the best dosage is for you.

What to Do If You Accidentally Have Too Much

If you do happen to consume too high of a dose for you, there are some simple things you can do. Firstly, don’t panic. The key with dealing with the anxiety that can come from a high dosage is staying calm. You will want to try and relax as much as possible. You may even want to lie down and recover before doing anything else. A shower or bath can also help you to maintain some peace. Play music or put on a T.V. show or film that relaxes you. Make sure you drink plenty of water and make sure to eat some nourishing food. Another trick that many people swear by is sniffing or chewing on black pepper! Many, including Neil Young, claim that this remedy almost immediately relives anxiety and paranoia. CBD oil may also be able to help since it combats anxiety and can balance out a high THC dosage.

If you follow these steps and experiment starting with the smallest possible dosage, you will no doubt find the best THC dosage for you.


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