Dab Pens Demand You Scrutinize for Quality

Dab Pens Demand You Scrutinize for Quality

As smoking culture continues to grow with the legalization of marijuana across the country, more ways to consume herb become available. One method that is sweeping the country in popularity is dabbing. For the uninitiated, dabs are comprised of really high concentrations of the active compounds in cannabis that give you an often euphoric response. THC is the psychoactive compound that’s responsible for the euphoric feeling that cannabis brings. So dabbing gives you a much more intense experience of cannabis with a high like no other that hits you fast and lasts a lot longer. For this reason among others, its popularity has swept through the smoking communities, appealing to those looking for a heightened experience.

Dabs 101

dab pens offer alternatives to oil rigs in dab consumption

Dab rigs are not the only way to use dabs.

Dabs are not hash oil, which is another concentrated form of cannabis. Rather dabs are often hard, brittle resin that look like honey. Only the smallest amount is needed to be consumed to get the intense effects of the concentrated cannabis. Dabs are usually heated on a nail using a torch and the smoke delivers a powerful hit of THC. But this isn’t the only way to dab. As more people start to enjoy the experience of consuming concentrates, more convenient ways of dabbing have started to emerge. One of these ways is by using dab pens, which are small portable vaporizers.

For Those Who Have Never Used Dab Pens

This may be common sense to our regular readers but for the dabbing novices, dab pens are thin pen-like devices that contain a heating chamber inside for vaporizing concentrates like dabs or cannabis waxes. There is a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor and the concentrate is delivered in a well-proportioned way so there is much less chance of getting too high. The dab pens come in all shapes and sizes but the most important aspect of their design is that they are extremely portable and very discreet. Dab pens look the same as the vaporizers used for smoking tobacco or for those using vaping to quit smoking. There are vape pens that are designed for vaporizing dry herb but these are different from dab pens in how they vaporize so it’s important when choosing a dab pen to get one that says it’s designed for concentrates and waxes as opposed to dry herb.

3 Types of Vaporizers

dab pens are one of 3 methods of using dabs

Vape pens are one of 3 popular methods of dab consumption.

In general, there are 3 types of vaporizers that can be used for dabbing. There are desktop units that are not portable but designed to vaporize large quantities of cannabis. These are often expensive, bulky and can’t be moved with ease. Then there are portable, handheld versions of these that use batteries to operate and can vaporize smaller amounts. Dab pens are the smallest variety of vaporizer. These are the most discreet and portable variety that will allow you to get a hit anywhere with ease. These are also the most affordable option when it comes to vaping. They are usually anywhere between $20 and $200 and their durability makes them withstand the trials of travel and excessive use. The controlled space for how much can be consumed at a time ensures against vaping too much and ending up in an unpleasant situation as a result.

What to Look for in a Dab Pen

When you’re ready to invest in a dab pen, you want to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need. There are some essential factors to keep in mind that should greatly affect your decision. For starters, the biggest benefit of dab pens are their portability. So when purchasing one, you want to be sure that it’s the right size for you. You might want to reflect on what you will be using to carry your pen and that the size is right. Getting the right color may also be a factor if discretion is important to you.

Ways of Gauging Quality

Quality of course is something to factor. You want to make sure that your pen uses high quality materials like ceramic to heat your concentrates. Ceramic heating plates aren’t always the most durable option but they give the best flavor. They’re also very good at heating and will give you a nice, clean hit. A cheap heating coil will change the taste of your vapor. It may end up making your vapor taste like metal and ruin your dabbing experience. Dab pens with high quality heating materials will ultimately give you a smoother, better tasting hit with an overall improved dabbing experience. Dab pens are also used for heating oil concentrates as well as the hard concentrate called shatter. You want to make sure your pen has a wattage high enough to vaporizer the concentrates you expect to use so this is an important aspect to consider. Checking that you are using a company with a quality reputation may help you end up with a more reliable product.

Other Features of a Worthwhile Dab Pen Kit

alternative mouthpieces can bring new life to dab pens

Look for extras in your dab kits like high quality mouthpieces.

It’s important to make sure that your pen can be charged with ease whether via USB or via another method of your preference. Many pens run off rechargeable batteries so you may want to check how you will be charging your pen for future use. You will want your pen to give you the best possible battery life. It’s a good idea to check what accessories will come with your pen in general. You should check that the pen comes with an extra mouthpiece for example. Another good tool that is highly useful when it comes to dab pens is a dab tool. These are small devices that are used to help load the heating chamber with concentrates of wax. These accessories can be purchased separately but it is much more convenient to get everything you need as one solid package.

Reading the Fine Print and Doing the Research

Quality dab pens will come with a warranty which is helpful when buying any kind of electrical device. It’s often worth doing the research to make sure you find the best pen for you. Reading product reviews will help you to get a good sense of which companies will work for you. Spending a little extra to get a high quality product will most likely save you money in the long run as you will end up needing to use less product and not buy replacements.

Using dab pens for consuming concentrates makes the whole experience much easier, safer and can ultimately give you a better balanced hit. But it’s important that you get the one that will best suit your needs. Portability, discretion, long battery life and all the necessary attachments should be evaluated before taking the leap and investing in this new direction. When you have taken it all into consideration you will end up with a product that suits all your needs and gives that powerful high with comfort and ease.