Shatter Wax Can Be Used in Your Vape Pen with This Easy Liquidizer

Shatter Wax Can Be Used in Your Vape Pen with This Easy Liquidizer

As concentrates grow in popularity, so do the ways you can both prepare and consume them. One of the popular ways to consume concentrates is through the use of vaporizers which allow you to get an evenly measured dose without over doing it. But concentrates come in many forms and a lot of them are not usable in a vape pen. Getting concentrates in a usable liquid form can be expensive and are sometimes harder to come by. That’s where this product changes everything. It allows you to liquefy your shatter or wax so that you can consume it on the go. It can turn $100 worth of sold concentrates into $800 worth of vape cartridges. And it easily does this without losing any quality or substance.

Retains Smoothness and Taste

wax liquidizer wins 420 pony 2016 product of year award

This wax liquidizer won the 420 Pony Product of the Year Award for 2016.

Usually when herbal oil or concentrates are added to vape mixes, the vape juice separates into layers. This is not the case with this solution. It allows you to create an E-juice that is smooth and even, giving you the best possible vaping experience. The process of liquefying shatter wax and other concentrates is incredibly fast and easy, yet this doesn’t impair or effect the quality of the oil. In fact, it is even smoother and tastier than before it undergoes the liquefaction.

Further Advantages of Using Liquidizer for Shatter Wax

One of the benefits of a vape pen is being able to smoke where you please and bypass nonsmoking laws. This is also the case when you use shatter wax and other concentrates in your vape pen. Since wax liquidizer comes in flavored varieties, you can choose the flavor and settings you like and smoke anywhere you’d like. You can find wax liquidizer in flavors such as Banana OG, Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, Original, Ice Hit and Pineapple Express. These can be used to make your smoking experience smoother and more discreet. The Wax Liquidizer comes in a small container, making it perfect for travel. It only takes seconds to work which also makes it ideal for use on the go. All in all, it opens up the options for consuming concentrates and using your shatter wax in creative and portable ways.

What Comprises Wax Liquidizer?

The ingredients for wax liquidizer aren’t found on its official website, but according to Dabs Mag who contacted the manufacturer, the compound is made from propylene glycol (PG) and its derivatives, PEG200 and PEG400. All of these ingredients are categorized as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA and are “used in many food, medical and baby products.” Propylene glycols are usually what are used to make liquid nicotine and liquid hash for vape pens. They are also a source ingredient used to make injectable and topical medications from diazepam and lorazepam.

Reasons to Vape

most wax pens only accommodate concentrates softer than shatter

Shatter needs to be softened before it can be used in most wax pens.

There are lots of reasons to use a vaporizer as opposed to smoking. The first is an obvious one that we’ve already covered which is its portability. Using a vape pen is a lot easier and more portable than having to lug around alternative means of smoking shatter wax. The smell is disguised and this serves to increase all the places you can smoke it. But this isn’t the only benefit. It is much healthier to vape than to smoke. Vaping involves heating the shatter wax to the point of turning the active ingredients, such as THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, into vapor. The alternative is to burn the shatter wax and turn it into smoke.

A Cleaner High

The issue with burning cannabis is that it creates carcinogens through combustion of the plant. This creates the smoke which tends to also contain a number of harmful toxins that can irritate the body, especially the lungs. Vaping, heats the product in a way that reduces carbon monoxide intake and increases the intake of the active compounds, like THC, that you actually want to be ingesting. The result is a smooth and very powerful high that is healthier and cleaner than smoking yet still delivers the instant enjoyable high. It simply does it in a cleaner healthier way.

Benefits Overview

Which brings us to an overview of the benefits of vaping your shatter wax using the Wax Liquidizer.

  • Firstly, it is quick. It only takes seconds to liquidize your shatter wax and make it usable in a vape pen.
  • It’s extremely discreet and very portable. The flavors allow you to smoke it anywhere, undetected.
  • It will save you an enormous amount of money, since it will turn $100 worth of concentrate into $800 worth of vape cartridges.
  • It is smooth and tasty. It won’t separate into layers when the herbal concentrate is added. The flavors make the product all the more enjoyable to vape.
  • It is healthier than smoking. On top of this, it is free of nicotine and vegetable glycerin.
  • It will work perfectly in any vape pen, regardless of whether it is an atomizer or a tankomizer.
  • It contains ingredients that are approved by the FDA and are safe for consumption.
  • Vaping makes the best use out of your shatter wax as it heats enough to get the purest dose of THC from your product.

Usually, if you want to dab on the go, you would have to bring a dab rig with you which is not only difficult to carry around but also difficult to use or even light in public. A vape pen is a much more logical solution to consuming shatter wax and other concentrates on the go. With a product like wax liquidizer, that task gets even easier since it allows you to instantly turn your high quality concentrates into liquid for your vape pen. It’s no wonder that 420 Pony announced wax liquidizer as the winner of their 2016 420 Product of the Year Award. This is a revolutionary product for those of us who enjoy our concentrates and want to be able to enjoy them on the go. It will save you time, money, risk and, on top of all this, it will save your health.