Enails Help You to Get the Most Out of Your Concentrates

Enails Help You to Get the Most Out of Your Concentrates

Vaping technology has become the latest craze, when it comes to smoking and for good reason; it’s a much healthier alternative to combustion and it is generally easier to use and transport an esmoking device than it is to carry all the necessary equipment for smoking around with you. It also allows you to smoke in public and indoors undetected and prevents second hand smoke being passed along to those around you. So it’s no wonder that with the latest trend towards dabbing that enails would be developed to assist the dabber in having a better experience.

Getting to Know the Main Components of Your Enail

beneficial aspects of using an enail for dabbing

Enails are nails for your dab rig that heat electrically.

So what is an enail? An enail is a metal box that has a port for a heating coil and a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) that gauges the temperature of your coil. The gauge is usually separate from the coil so that you can see how hot it is regardless of whether or not it is turned on. This helps to prevent users from getting burned. The coils come in two different sizes and will only work with nails designed for those sizes. They are usually either 16 or 20 millimeters wide. You can set the temperature on your coil and a huge bonus in using enails is that the temperature can be set and maintained in a steady way. You will also want to use a carb cap. Throwing it on top will make the chamber fill with smoke when doing a dab that is lower in temperature.

The Power of Temperature Control

In order to get the best hit from dabbing, users know that heating temperature is everything. Once you have your preferred choice of concentrate ready for heating, your butane torch needs to get that temperature right or the hit will be a miss. If it’s too cold, the concentrate will pool, giving off little to no vapor. On the other hand, if the temperature is too hot, the concentrates will burn too fast, giving you less of a hit that has a bad flavor. Getting the right balance is essential if you want to get the most out of your dabbing experience. This is a massive benefit in using enails. You can ensure that the temperature is perfect and the erig allows you to be in control of the temperature at all times.

Advantages Over a Butane Lighter

enail can help you save on expenses that go into butane torches

An enail can be less expensive over time than using a butane torch.

Butane lighters can be expensive and refueling them can end up costing a lot too. They are much harder to use as far as temperature control goes and they require you to wait for your nail to heat up and cool down which can impede the process of dabbing, in particular if you are busy or in a hurry. There is no way of truly telling that a nail has adequately cooled down and for this reason, burns are much more of a risk. Enails tend to simplify this situation, making your heating device constantly available along with temperature control.

Chemical Degradation from Overheating

THCA, is the compound in cannabis, that when heated, turns into THC, the psychoactive ingredient that is responsible for the high you get from consuming cannabis. A very important thing to note on this is that when THCA is heated too high it can degrade into cannabinol (CBN). CBN is only 10 percent as strong as THC and is much more likely to just cause sleepiness, dizziness and a general feeling of disorientation; not exactly the desired effect from dabbing. This is another reason why temperature matters so much. Low temperature dabs are so much more effective at getting the most out of your concentrate. Low temperature dabs use every part of the concentrate. They preserve the flavor and effect of the terpenes as well as deliver the highest possible dose of THC. When using a carb cap with your rig, a low temperature dab can even produce double the amount of vapor than a regular hit will.

The Value of Low Temperature Heating

enail can be ideal for the benefits of low heating

For the benefits of low heating concentrates, enails can be the perfect option.

Temperature is an enticing reason to start using enails but there are more. Another powerful advantage is the fact that your nail will stay a lot cleaner. Vaporizing is a much cleaner process than burning and will ensure that the concentrate you place in your nail is used and not left behind for you to clean. Being able to choose the perfect temperature for vaporizing your concentrate is also a help in this. The low temperature dab can give you a much smoother, gentler hit that is much less likely to irritate your lungs which is an added bonus for those who are dabbing for medicinal reasons.

Health Benefits of Vaping

On the note of health, vaporizing is much better for your lungs. Vaporization is one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis and concentrates. When heating concentrates through combustion there is always a certain amount of toxic smoke produced. While dabbing is still healthier than smoking in this way, an electric vaporizer is definitely the healthiest alternative.

Conserving Your Concentrates

Enails also allow you to get the most out of your concentrate. Because you will be able to determine how hot to burn your product, you will be able to ascertain the best temperature for getting the most flavor and effect. The terpenes that contribute to flavor as well as the effects of the concentrate will become much more obvious to you when the concentrate isn’t being burned. As a result, you can have a much more enjoyable dabbing experience and make the most out of your concentrates. On top of this, you will also be able to experience the subtle differences in flavor and high from the various concentrates you try.

All in all, enails are a smart way to go for those who dab on a regular basis. They save you time by keeping your nail cleaner and save your health by keeping your lungs and body healthier. They save you money and enhance your hit by allowing you to get the most flavor and effect from your concentrates, preventing your dabs from being too cold or hot and wasting precious concentrates. They save you time and money on butane lighters and may even prevent burns. For all these reasons, enails are a good investment for dabbers and worthy of further research to see if they are right for you.