Carb Cap Benefits Prevent your Concentrates from Floating Away

Carb Cap Benefits Prevent your Concentrates from Floating Away

The world of dabbing is relatively new. Yet, in a short number of years, it has taken off in both popularity and evolved exponentially. Dab rigs just keep advancing to make the experience of dabbing better and better and the caliber of concentrates keep rising in quality too. Dabbing has become popular due to its ability to make you much higher than just smoking weed. When the concentrates burn, they create vapor rather than smoke which is also much healthier to consume. But it’s the high that is really impressive, which is why so many people work hard to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. The quality of the high speaks for itself. So one essential item to cover in the world of dabbing that makes so much difference to the experience (yet is not talked about much) is the carb cap. What is it? What does it do? And do you actually need one?

Dabbing 101 for the Rookies

The first thing to touch base on is: what is dabbing? Then we can discuss the necessity of the carb cap. Dabbing involves heating a cannabis concentrate until it releases a vapor that is then inhaled. Concentrates are just what they sound like. If you take cannabis and just take all the delicious cannabinoids that produce the effects of the cannabis, you will have a concentrate. They come in a lot of different forms but generally will come in a wax form or a resin that is still sticky or has turned hard. Hash is also a kind of concentrate. The concentrate is then heated on a nail or any other kind of more recently developed rig. The resulting vapor is the inhaled. A carb cap exists to cover the nail so that vapor doesn’t escape.

It’s Easy to Waste Vaporized Concentrates

using a carb cap can conserve your wax

Carb caps can prevent loss of vaporized concentrates from hot dab nails.

For anyone who’s dabbed, you’ll know that wax that is sitting on a hot nail may take a while to burn and then continue to smoke even after you’ve had your hit. In this scenario, the vapors are likely to just float off the nail and into the air as opposed to your rig and that precious goodness is just lost at that point. A carb cap creates a seal that stops the remaining vapors from escaping after you’ve had your initial hit so that you can go back and enjoy them when you’re ready. This allows you to get the most out of your concentrates with ease.

Allowing You to Savor Your Concentrates

The advantages of being able to contain the vapors under your carb cap can actually change your entire dabbing experience. When the wax on your nail is too cold, the vapor burns very slowly and this makes it really difficult to take in the full hit at once. But with a carb cap, you can actually enjoy a cooler dab because it won’t matter that your wax is burning slower. You won’t be under any pressure at all to consume every last little bit of wax in one giant go. You will have the luxury of taking your time to enjoy your dab. This makes the experience of dabbing much safer and easier as well because you won’t need to work so hard heating the dab to the highest possible temperature. Instead, you can take your time and enjoy your hit at your leisure.

Flavor Saving Capabilities

flavor saving capabilities of a carb cap

Using a carb cap can also help to preserve the flavor of your dabs.

Lastly and possibly most importantly, the flavor of your dab will be immensely improved with the use of a carb cap. The flavor of the concentrates and cannabis in general exists in the terpenes which are compounds that exist in nature, plants, flowers and fruits that produce smell and flavor. When terpenes are heated too high, they combust and cease to produce that desired taste or smell. Having the ability to enjoy a cooler dab means not needing to overheat the terpenes in order to produce vapor. This means that the terpene profile of your concentrate will remain intact and you will be able to enjoy the full flavor of your concentrate.

The Beauty of the Low Temperature Dab

Most experienced dabbers know that being able to enjoy low temperature dabs is a goal. Low temp dabs taste so much better. The high is more complete as the cannabinoids that deliver the effects of cannabis, THC and CBD in particular are not combusted or damaged by high temperatures. The result is a full flavor powerful high. On top of this, low temp dabs are less likely to mess up your dab rig. High temperatures can cause damage to nails made of materials such as glass that can’t cope with certain levels of intensity when it comes to heat. So what kind of carb caps are out there and which are the best kind to get?

What to Look for in Your Carb Cap

You will most likely want one that has a little hole in it which basically helps to produce a suction from inside the chamber. This creates a vortex that cools and traps the vapor within the carb cap. They are generally made from the same material that nails are made from including glass, quartz, titanium and ceramic. They all work the same way but they may take a couple of tries to get the right flow going for you. As far as the material goes, it’s just a matter of personal preference. They generally have a hollow rounded cap with a pointed kind of handle that can also be used as a dabber tool. Of course, you must be sure you’re using the carb cap on an open air system which is basically when the concentrate is solely heated on a dish or nail.

When it comes to dabbing, you want to get the best possible hit and make the absolute most out of your concentrate. A carb cap is definitely a must in order to achieve the best possible dab. Finding one that is high quality and in your budget range will greatly improve your hits and protect any delicate pieces. For those who are serious about dabbing, a carb cap is a must. The best approach is to do some research and get the best kind for you.