Who We Are

Daily Dabs 420 is your alternative source of internet media, catered to and meant for the cannabis extracts community. Our goal is to bring the knowledge of cannabis extracts to the forefront by informing those who wish to see beyond the mainstream’s interpretation of the world’s most mis-understood herb.

3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. hi. kristian from nectar collector here. i noticed u have a cleaning video for the nectar collector but it is a knock off. i would like to send u the original nectar collector which i invented to update your video. in addition our new style nectar collectors are 1 piece with a threaded tip and are a big improvement in design and functionality. i’d love to send u one of them as well. my only requirement is that u remove the link to marajuanapackaging.com for buying nectar collectors and put a link to our website in its place. i am interested in talking further about this.


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